Bradfords launches wood recycling scheme

A new initiative has been launched by Bradfords Building Supplies (‘BBS’) to recycle the large amounts of waste wood products that are generated by its branch network.  

BBS estimates that it currently disposes of 160 tonnes of waste wood every year – in the form of broken pallets, chipboard, dunnage boards and packaging. 

But in future, all waste wood from 21 branches will be taken to two central collection points at BBS branches in Glastonbury and Crewkerne, where the wood will be converted into chippings and later sold back into the building industry. A further 11 branches will join the scheme as soon as possible.

The scheme also saves on transport costs, because wood deliveries will be made using the same lorry journeys, when otherwise empty vehicles are driven to the BBS body works centres in Glastonbury and Crewkerne  for routine servicing and repairs.  

Unbroken pallets, which make up 90 percent of wood waste, are collected and recycled by Scott ELM.

Mark Eburne, Bradfords Group CEO, said: “In the building services sector, there are many opportunities to help the environment through recycling and other ways of tackling waste. By recycling all our wood, we can generate significant amounts of valuable wood chipping – which has a variety of uses including biomass.

“We are also developing a number of similar recycling schemes involving products that would otherwise be thrown away, including plastic and cardboard packaging – which can be bailed and sold - and bricks and stones, which can be turned into hardcore.”